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Live on the Other Side of “Yes!”

This week, I had the most amazing opportunity to attend the international Maxwell leadership certification event where I was able to see so many people that have impacted my life over the last two years. I don't really know where to begin other than to say thank you for all the people that pour wisdom into the lives of so many people. I'm going to guess that there were over 3,000 people in the room, all striving for growth and to do the good works of God with the intent of creating a happy healthy world, which as you know, is my mission -- creating happy, healthy humans.

Probably the most impactful lessons that I heard yesterday were: "Do it messy" and "Live on the other side of YES." You don't have to do something perfectly to start something. If you have something inside your heart, live on the other side of yes! Don't wait to start it just because you don't know the exact pathway you're going to follow. Just start it -- and do it messy. God will show you the way and next thing you know, you will have DONE IT.

If what you were doing three years ago still excites you, then you probably aren't growing. You have more to give! Look into your passions and desires, and do more today than you did yesterday. Don't live in the "Perfection Gap," by thinking you have to know all the answers before you start.

"We aren't going to stand still, we aren't going to adopt, we aren't going to wait, we are going to say yes, and we are going to walk, and we are going to move, and we are going to see possibilities, we are going to see opportunities, we are going to see lives changed, we are going to make a difference, and we are going to make a difference in our family, and we are going to make a difference in our community, and we are going to make a difference in our jobs, and we are going to make a difference in our state, and over time, we are going to make a difference in our country, and we are not going to be the same. We are going to make a difference in every area in our life. Why? Because we live on the other side of YES. We live on that side!" - John Maxwell

At the end of the event, John Maxwell literally started a revolution (see the video). He asked the crowd, "Who wants to live on the other side of yes, and follow me in changing OUR world and do more than we are doing today?" At that point, thousands of people jumped out of their seats and followed him around the room (certainly not planned as he never got to finish his talk!) as we were saying yes to doing more than we are doing today to change the world.

I would like to challenge you. What do you need to say "yes" to today? How can you do something messy to help change the world even if you start by just changing your own world? Whatever it is, do it today.

If you would like a copy of any of the devotionals or books I reference, please send me an email (button below) and I would be happy to send you one. Please reference the title of the post/devotional to ensure I send you the correct devotional/author. See my mission in the "About Me" link.

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13 avr. 2023

YES.!!!!! - love this - Ben


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