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Need a Reboot?

As I read this quote in my gratitude journal today by Anne Lammot, it reminded me so much of our need to reboot. Most everything in the world needs a reboot! INCLUDING US!

What’s the first thing a help desk asks you when you call? “Have you tried rebooting it yet?” LOL. The story of my life with my phone, computer, TV, and even my doctor’s visits…

I recently started on a HEALTHe plan of living, and each week we do a reboot of our system with protein only days to help us get our bodies rebooted. I love the idea of a reboot, and the reminder about downtime as well. I am one, who for many years (well, really my entire life), just ran, ran, ran…never taking time to reboot my system and have downtime.

A little over four years ago, my friend Gabby encouraged me to start a solid morning routine, to boot/reboot my mind, body and spirit through exercise, time with God and journaling. This daily reboot has literally changed my life. I am so much more calm and peaceful, and not much really gets to me because I have started my day taking care of “me.” After all, if I don’t take care of me, what use will I be to others?

Do you need time to reboot? How can you, make “YOU,” a priority today? What is your ONE big thing that you can do each day to start on a journey of rebooting regularly? Can you start that ONE BIG THING today?

My one big thing during this 42-day cycle of the HEALTHe plan is to not snooze. FOF = Feet on the Floor! When my alarm goes off, up I go! I haven’t been perfect yet (hard on vacation!), but I am getting better! I have hit this 15/21 days so far in my 42-day cycle of this new habit. I plan to keep this as my one big thing until I can master it for 42 days straight! I am committed to changing my habits one thing at a time. Master it, move on.

Are you ready to master a new habit? Ready, set…REBOOT!

If you would like a copy of any of the devotionals or books I reference, please send me an email (button below) and I would be happy to send you one. Please reference the title of the post/devotional to ensure I send you the correct devotional/author. See my mission in the "About Kelly" link.

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