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Kelly Jo Price

My personal mission...

Servant Leader

Dear Friends,

Just before I turned 50, I knew that I needed to grow my relationship with God so that He was my identity.  I needed to ensure that nothing would come before Him, not my career, my company, money or anything else.  I began my journey by getting up each morning learning how to study The Bible, which in my past, I could never understand.  I turned to various study guides, women of wisdom, leadership mentors, as I dedicated myself to wanting more out of my life.  In an effort to help people like me that didn't know where to begin to find a relationship with our Father, Son and Holy Spirit, I used social media to share the wisdom I found in the various scriptures, books, podcasts, small groups and more.  Although you certainly don't have to be Christian to find wisdom and leadership teachings in these words, my hope is that you will find HOPE in these words.  

I started this blog to have one place that people who follow my posts can go back to in times of need for further hope, direction, leadership teachings, wisdom, or whatever they may find in these words.  

If there is any devotional or book that I have quoted that you would like a copy of, please send me an email with your name and address and I will send you a book at no charge.  It is my mission to give away 50,000 devotionals/books to help people become healthy, happy humans.  It would be my honor to give you one or however many you want along the way.  Don't be afraid to ask! (No matter where in the world you are!)

I would also be remiss not to mention the Changing Lives Foundation(CLF).  I founded CLF, along with a few of my business partners to help people in catastrophic need.  We bridge the gap financially from the tragedy (house fire, sudden illness, accident, injury, etc.) and the individual getting back on their feet.  100% of the proceeds from our up2Him merchandise goes back to help the people in need.  Feel free to take a look at our Christian-inspired clothing and gifts and you will be giving two gifts at once with every purchase.  

Here is to our journey together to learn to be better servant leaders, and to find HOPE and WISDOM along the way.  

Many blessings from your friend in Christ, 

Kelly Price

To learn more about Kelly and her formal career path, you can visit

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