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A True Servant Leader

John Maxwell, in my mind, is the ultimate servant leader…first off, he travels the world, DONATING his TIME and MONEY to changing the world through Transformation Tables. He is 75 years old and could EASILY be sitting at home enjoying the good life. But, instead, he spends his time away from his family and friends, running from location to location serving the world.

Today during his talk at the University of Goroko, he heard about a transformation of some gang members during a transformation table that happened last night. As we had to leave the auditorium as soon as he was done speaking to catch a flight to our next stop and he said “wait, I want to talk to those gang members before I leave”. So they ran in the auditorium to get them and he stopped to speak with them, telling them how proud he was of them and then signed a book for them, took pictures with them and VALUED them! (Even if it meant we missed our flight). I was moved beyond words to see the good works he is doing in this world. (Ephesians 2:10)

I strongly encourage you to join a transformation table. I would be happy to help you. The values taught are changing lives.

TRANSFORMATION of our worlds values START with you! Don’t wait for someone to do it - YOU DO IT! EQUIP Leadership

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