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Becoming a Hope Dealer

Each day I do my best to listen to "Minute with Maxwell," where John Maxwell gives a short message on a topic. Topics which I think can relate to just about anyone of any faith, or any age.

Today, I chuckled when his message about hope was to be a "Hope Dealer." Ironically, that is my favorite collection! I wear my Hope Dealer shirt about twice a week! Of course, I have it in every color!

Anyway, I love what John says about what we see; "We see not only what we are, but we see what we look for." In other words, if you look for things, hopefully, positively, you usually find the positive in things. If you look for things and don't have hope, often times you just see the doom and gloom.

How can you become a "Hope Dealer" today?

You can listen to John's message here.

“Hope Dealer” sticker. Shop the entire “Hope Dealer” collection at

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