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I was meeting with my executive coach yesterday and we were talking about the difference in my outlook prior to my Papua New Guinea mission trip and immediately afterward. More importantly, how my life had literally exploded with new insights and determination. (With a lot of credit given to Benjamin Hardy and his teachings as well).

I was explaining to her just before I left for the trip that I had felt kind of "stuck," and we agreed we would talk about it after the trip. As we were talking after the trip yesterday, she said something to me that I found very profound. She said "you are out doing the work, so God is helping you along the way." Even more profound was the following quote: "God can't steer the ship if you don't keep moving."

Wow...I had to write it down immediately. I have to keep moving, listening to God's wisdom and intuition (as I wrote about a few days ago!) and then HE WILL steer the ship. If you are sitting still waiting for that new job, new relationship, new opportunity, GET UP, get moving, DO SOMETHING!

I truly value the insights that I get from others. Whether in books, meeting with a friend, my small group or even a stranger along the way. Always be listening...

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