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Most Vs. Now

As I hiked through the mountains of Lake Clark, Alaska today with my son, I became extremely grateful for my choices the past three years.

Over the past three years, I began to look at my choices a little differently. I began thinking about what I wanted more - long term health and longevity or that instant gratification of eating or drinking whatever I wanted.

It hasn't been easy. You would be surprised at how people will try to shame you or push you into eating or drinking something you don't want. Its almost like they need you to join them to help them justify their choices.

Here's the thing, my choice to look at my long-term health over the instant gratification of eating unhealthy, has changed my life (a total 85 pounds lost and my blood work all being completely normal!). Today, I hiked up a mountain to a beautiful waterfall with my son in Lake Clark National Park. Seven miles round trip. Three years ago I wouldn't have even attempted it. Today, I did it so easily!!!

"Discipline is choosing what you want MOST over what you want NOW"

This quote by Craig Groeschel really hit home for me. What I want MOST is long-term health and overall fitness, even though I would LOVE the fried foods, desserts, and of course BREAD! What I want most is to be out here hiking with my son, waking up each day with a passion for life, feeling great.

By committing to this vision of my future self three years ago, my dreams are coming true. Hiking up a mountain without being out of breath or my knees killing me is quite a feat. I became committed, not just interested in my health. Without God and my faith, it wouldn't have been possible, along with a few good choices each and every day.

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