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I have to say, the book Discerning the Voice of God, has been so impactful for me the past few weeks. Ironically, I was reminded by my friend Kim that we had actually already studied this book back in 2019 in our women's group. Funny! I don't even remember reading it. I was in a much different place mentally than I am now. I am a firm believer that when the student is ready, the teacher appears. I am also a firm believer that depending on where you are in life, you can read something at a different time and see it completely differently. That is why I like reading through the same devotionals year-over-year. I see that I am highlighting areas that are completely different than what I highlighted last year. Pretty cool.

This week, our chapter was on PEACE. Moreover, how to make decisions that you know are from God versus your own will. I have written about the persistent messages you hear and how they are NOT coincidences. How is God speaking to you, or trying to get your attention? How do we know to trust those coincidences/messages? How do we really know?

You may be afraid of the challenges ahead. You may be taking a huge risk, but you have peace. Then you can be affirmed that you are going in the right direction. As Priscilla Shirer writes,

"If it's God, you should sense peace in His command despite what lies ahead."

Have you ever moved forward with something, even though your gut is telling you it isn't right, but you want it anyway, or you just want to get it done? Have you sent a scathing email or text without waiting for discernment and peace about what you are going to say? You just want to "fire back" your response. Maybe you are contemplating a big purchase. You know you really can't afford it or if you really need it, you haven't really taken time to contemplate it or pray on it, you just WANT IT. It becomes a NEED, when it is really a WANT! You don't have peace about it, but you do it anyway. Your wants and desires overpower what you may be being guided to do. You don't have peace...but you don't let it go.

Priscilla goes on to talk about the "contest of wills" ensuing in your heart. When you feel this, what do you do? Look to God, turn towards Him, and moreover, be patient, wait for that P E A C E! If you don't find peace in your heart, stomach and mind, wait for a clearer direction - WAIT FOR P E A C E.

After reading this chapter this morning, I then read this scripture, and laughed. Yes, God gives me the same message over and over so that I understand and hear! He wants me to find P E A C E in everything I do. I need to be still long enough to find the peace.

The Lord gives strength to His people. The Lord blesses them with P E A C E. - Psalms 29:11

I ask this: Are you considering a big decision at work, financially, in a relationship, or even within changes you want to make in yourself? If so, do you have peace? If not, be still until you move forward. WAIT. Hold on and wait. Wait upon God to steer you onto the correct path.

When you look at this picture, do you see peace? I see peace, but I also envision two sets of footprints, mine and God walking alongside me. That is what I want in all of my decisions. P E A C E, and God alongside or ahead of me.

Death Valley
Photo Credit: @tanner.price_ IG

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