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The Secret of Contentment

How is it that some days we cope pretty well with the ebbs and flows of life and other days, it is like our level of contentment is easily disturbed or thrown out the window?

As I have sat in nature and looked at the life of many Alaska residents, it sure seems like they have contentment mastered. They learn to accept what they day brings it wind, rain, snow, timeliness, a change in plans. No matter what it is, they go with the flow. They KNOW it is NOT in their control. And, for the most part, they have a deep faith in God that they will get exactly what they need for today.

Even the peacefulness of this wandering bear my son and I saw brought me great comfort. Taking the time to wait in the pasture for the possible sighting of a bear would normally drive me crazy. I usually don’t have that much peace or contentment to just stand and wait in a pasture. I normally feel like I should be doing something else. On this day, I was able to just let it all go and be present. More and more, as I learn to completely trust in the Lord and HIS plans for me, I able to feel this contentment.

As I was reading through my scriptures, this one really spoke to me. As we learn to live with contentment, we realize we really have everything we need when we trust in the Lord.

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