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Worshiping over Worrying…

As I was listening to Rick Warren's podcast on "Letting God Meet My Needs," he reminded me of a few things.

First off, the Lord is my shepherd and will guide me and protect me (assuming I let Him!). Secondly, he reminded me that when I choose to start worrying over things that are out of my control, I am acting like an atheist (ouch!).

I'm not sure why I tend to take back control and forget that "God knows my needs better than I do."

Rick Warren says there are a few things I can do to trust God for my needs (do this every day!):

  1. Ask Jesus to be my shepherd. Ask him to feed, lead and meet my needs as soon as my feet hit the floor!

  2. Give God first place in all areas of my life: If I am worrying about any area in my life, that should be like an alarm going off in my head, because that means I haven't given that part of my life to God.

I have to admit that I need to be reminded of this; to totally trust, and let go and let God!

If you love something more than God it becomes a source of worry. I loved the quote by Rick, "I don't have to worry about getting barnacles off my yacht, because I don't have one!"

How can you start to put more trust in our Lord in 2023?

To listen to this series by Rick Warren, go to:

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