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Atmosphere - Attitude - Action

I had the pleasure of listening to an older presentation by Rich DeVos, the author of the book Compassionate Capitalism, where he spoke about how your atmosphere, attitude and action all intersect. 


We are all a product of the environment that we grew up in, whether it was encouraging, negative, angry, compassionate, motivating or degrading, it shaped us. 


Rich DeVos explained that your atmosphere creates your attitude, which creates your actions.  He also emphasized how everyone needs encouragement and that you need to be in an atmosphere of people who strengthen you. 


DeVos told a story about when he was the owner of the Orlando Magic Basketball team, and they were going into the NBA Finals. They coined the phrase, "Why Not Us? Why Not Now?" 

"Create an atmosphere that helps people to believe in what they can do, instead of seeing what they cannot do." 

DeVos and the team created an atmosphere that got basketball fans everywhere excited about seeing what they could do, rather than what they weren't supposed to be able to do.  They became role models for the world to see.  Role models in encouraging one another, believing in one another.  Even though they came up short and didn't win, the energy created through a positive atmosphere was contagious. 


What kind of energy do you create around you?  We all have to be careful about how we conduct ourselves, because we are creating an environment. We are shaping the people around us.  Positive or negative.  We are role models.  DeVos says that we need to "create an environment in which their lives can be imagined."


DeVos goes on to talk about the six phrases we should all use to be a good role model:


  1. "I'm wrong." Be quick to admit when you are wrong.  Show humility.

  2. "I'm sorry." When you have done something wrong, learn to say you are sorry, with sincerity.

  3. "I need you."  When was the last time you told the garbage truck driver how much you need them?  After all, without them, our world would be a pretty messy place!

  4. "I'm proud of you."  Look for ways to praise and encourage the actions of others.

  5. "Thank you."  Gratitude goes a long way; say thank you today!

  6. "I love you."  Never stop telling people you love them.


I really enjoy listening to podcasts/presentations/audios each day.  They remind me of lessons that I know but can go forgotten in the busyness of life. 


What did I learn from this?  People are always watching.


What does this remind me to do?  I need to always act, walk, talk, and behave in a way that represents myself in a way that I would be honored to have people follow.  I want to be a role model and thank people like Rich DeVos, and of course Jesus for the reminder of how to be a great role model.  It is not always easy, but if we all remembered this, the world would be a much better place. 


Will you do your part?  Will you be a good role model today?


In short, create a good atmosphere, which will create a positive attitude, and then the actions you desire will follow.  If you aren't in a good atmosphere, change it.  It will change your attitude and your actions.

Rich DeVos - Previous owner of the Orlando Magic

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