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Be Careful What You Ask For!

About five months ago, I found myself at a pivotal moment, saying to God: "I am ready to use my brain again and do bigger things. Here I am, Lord; what do you want me to do?" Little did I know that this seemingly simple question would set me on an extraordinary journey of providing hope and healing to those who have suffered from trauma, depression, anxiety, and the grip of fight, flight, or freeze - AND EVEN MENOPAUSE!

Have you ever heard the term "be careful what you ask for?"

That question led me down the most insane journey of providing Hope and Healing to people who have suffered from trauma, depression, and anxiety and to those stuck in fight, flight, or freeze.

Upon discovering the potential of this treatment, I felt an immediate call to action, recognizing the profound impact it could have on individuals in need. This realization ignited a sense of urgency within me, compelling me to spearhead the establishment of a center in Cleveland, which we proudly named "Reset Medical and Wellness Center." The urgency stemmed from a deep-seated belief in the necessity of such a facility in our community. Remarkably, the decision was nothing short of life-altering for my family, particularly my son and son-in-law, whose lives have been transformed in ways beyond measure by this treatment.

Our logo - Installed on April 1 - JUST IN TIME!

In early January, I embarked on a mission that some might deem ambitious—I sat down. I meticulously crafted an entire business plan, setting our sights on opening the center in Cleveland by the first week of April. Call it madness or call it determination, but despite lacking a medical background and legal ownership rights to such a facility, I was steadfast in my resolve to make it happen. It was then, with unwavering faith in divine guidance, that I was blessed with the introduction to the perfect doctor and partner for this endeavor. From the very beginning, our collaboration brimmed with synergy and purpose. Together, we navigated the labyrinth of challenges, swiftly overcoming logistical hurdles and making remarkable progress in record time.

Prior to ever having a thought of opening Reset, I was already scheduled to be in Cabo for a month, hosting our sales team, my mom for a week, a Deep Work Retreat with 11 incredible women, and a week with my husband. Despite being in another country the entire month of February, we made tremendous progress and still had never met in person! We began intense sessions of planning and recruiting, and we did it all by Zoom! We hired a National Operations Manager, engaged with three other people who would become our partners, found a medical record software company, designed our logo, hired a brand manager, engaged SalesForce to help us, gained access to a facility where we could open the center, got occupancy permits, and were in the space on March 1...yes, we still hadn't met yet.

With our team fully assembled and ready to embark on this journey, on Saturday, March 9, our core team gathered at the building for a thorough walkthrough of the space. There was just one crucial missing piece: a doctor! It was a stark reminder of the imminent deadline looming ahead as we aimed to open our doors in the first week of April. Yet, the search for a full-time doctor to administer treatments remained ongoing—a seemingly minor detail with significant implications for our timeline.

On Monday, March 11, our entire team convened for a three-day planning marathon, posing the pivotal question: "What must be TRUE for us to open the center by the first week of April?" With a sense of purpose driving us forward, we meticulously mapped out every task that needed completion within this tight timeframe. And so, we embarked on this journey with unwavering determination. Every member of the team functioned like a well-oiled machine, seamlessly navigating through challenges that inevitably arose along the way. These moments, though accompanied by their fair share of setbacks, were merely stepping stones in our journey, what I affectionately refer to as "fail-forward moments." But in the end, we emerged victorious, having achieved our goal against all odds.

With just 10 days remaining until our envisioned opening, our team was elated to welcome the final puzzle piece: an extraordinary doctor who joined us as our full-time physician. This addition completed our already fantastic team and filled us with a sense of anticipation as we prepared to embark on this transformative journey. Without skipping a beat, we wasted no time in putting our plans into action, treating our very first patients this week. We initiated a soft launch to ease into our new role, with our grand opening slated for July 1.

As we eagerly await our official unveiling, we remain committed to our mission of providing hope and healing to those in need. Despite the temporary constraint of our physician's availability, which necessitates treating 15-20 patients weekly for now, we are undeterred in our determination to expand our reach. With each passing day, we refine our processes, ensuring seamless care delivery. And when July arrives, with our physician fully onboard, we will be poised to extend our services to even more individuals seeking HOPE, HEALING, and TRANSFORMATION.

We have a doctor! Welcome, Dr. Michael Louwers!

This week overflowed with divine blessings, each a testament to God's unwavering support and providence. From a dedicated team member's impromptu journey to Columbus to procure back-ordered medications for our inaugural patient mere hours before their treatment commenced to the timely arrival of specialized needles—literally walking through the door—courtesy of a representative moments before our first procedure (which happened to be on me!), every moment seemed orchestrated by a higher power.

Amidst the hustle and bustle of preparation, there were undoubtedly moments of panic where uncertainty loomed large. Yet, time and again, these instances yielded a profound sense of peace, as if reassurance itself descended upon us. In these moments of divine intervention, we found solace and strength, reaffirming our unwavering faith in the journey ahead. Truly, this week has been a testament to the power of faith and the boundless grace that accompanies it.

We were able to treat people this week who will find a new level of peace, a release from their trauma, and will be able to start processing again. Goodbye to fight, flight, and freeze. Of course, no treatment is foolproof, but we did what we set out to do...provide HOPE and HEALING to those in need.

Our very first patient!
Our special Virtual Reality "Sanctuary" session prior to the procedure! So cool!

These past 90 days have been nothing short of a whirlwind. Yes, you read that correctly—within a mere 90 days, we transitioned from possessing nothing more than a business plan to serving our first patients. It's almost surreal to reflect on the journey we've embarked upon—a journey that commenced with no partner, doctor, location, or staff. Yet, through sheer determination and unwavering faith, we have transformed our vision into reality. It's a testament to the power of persistence and the boundless potential that lies within when passion meets purpose.

For those dedicated followers of this blog, you may have noticed my absence and wondered, "Where did Kelly go?" Well, now you have the answer. There is still so much more to accomplish...a professional website (I made the current one, and I am definitely not a web designer), integration, process models...and the list goes on and on, but we are on our way!

And need I say, "God is so GOOD?" Indeed, the unfolding of events, the serendipitous encounters, and the miraculous moments along this journey are all undeniable evidence of divine grace at work. Indeed, we are blessed beyond measure.

And...some beautiful flowers!

If you would like a copy of any of the devotionals or books I reference, please request one below, and I would be honored to send you one. Please reference the title of the post/devotional to ensure I send you the correct devotional/author. See my mission in the "About Me" link.

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