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Consistency Compounds…

Thinking back on my journey that started during "Covid-Lockdown", I find it crazy that I have lost about 50 pounds by being consistent in my morning routine, workouts and my food (no sugar, no white flour [except when in Europe and you can't find anything but white flour]. I have pretty much been the same weight this past year even with all of the traveling, which in itself is a pure miracle.

I posted this paper on the wall in our workout area at home and was dedicated to filling it out anytime I worked out. I had some holes due to some travel and the busyness of it, but overall my goal was to workout 5/7 days. I calculated it and I worked out an average of 4.69/7 days! I am pretty happy about it! If I take out the days I had Covid or was really sick I am at 5.21/7 days a week! I'll take that!

I started a new journey to get even healthier in 2023, and I hope the consistency of that on top of what I have already accomplished helps me to get even healthier! What's your plan for consistency compounding this year? I would love to hear your comments!

If you would like a copy of this template to track your consistency in 2023, please email me!

260/365 days!

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