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"Flunking Jesus Class"

Is there such a thing as "flunking Jesus"? Can you truly "flunk" out of Jesus' "class"?

In a recent session at my church, a woman shared her journey. Raised in the church, she was the epitome of the perfect student and child until she went 'rogue.' She veered off course, engaging in everything she had been taught not to do. In her own words, she felt as though she had "flunked the Jesus class."

Have you ever found yourself drowning in a sea of mistakes, convinced that forgiveness is an unattainable shore? Many of us have experienced that overwhelming sense of hopelessness and shame.

During her talk, she presented a powerful analogy. Imagine a scene where you are in a courtroom waiting to be sentenced to a lifetime of "shame." You will be found guilty, and you must carry that shame with you for the rest of your life. Then, in a moment of unexpected grace, someone—Jesus—enters the courtroom and pleads, "Judge, pardon this person from their shame (sin). I will bear their sentence. They are forgiven."

That's what Jesus did for us when He sacrificed Himself on the cross—to absolve us of our sins. All we need to do is believe in Him. Yes, you, too, can be forgiven. It's that simple... and profoundly liberating and, oh, so FREEING!  

You no longer have to carry the burden of shame.  

When people ask me about my past, full of the crazy and SINFUL things I have done (and still sometimes do), they say, "You are so brave to talk about them." This is the thing...I don't have to be embarrassed by my sins - that was then; this is now. That's who I WAS, not who I AM! We don't have to live in shame for who we were, even if it was just yesterday. If you need to make amends, do it. If you need to ask God for forgiveness, do it. Don't allow yourself to be imprisoned by your sins day after day. Jesus intervened in your courtroom, securing your release. Picture it in your mind. Picture it vividly. You're no longer bound; YOU ARE FREE! Jesus has shouldered the weight of it all for you.

Above all, remember this: God loves you right where you are. Life is full of hard times. Today, keep your head and body in the same space. Just be yourself. Jesus has freed us to be regular humans who mess up - AND WE ARE FORGIVEN! Let go of the shame and start living. You haven't "Flunked Jesus." 

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