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Difficult to Offend, Quick to Forgive

Have you ever heard the saying, "Resentment is like drinking poison and hoping the other person dies?"

That is what a lack of forgiveness will do to you. It will kill YOU, not the other person. The other person has moved on...not giving you or the situation one thought. They are free from the bondage.

Do you want to be forgiven? Forgive others. Try it. It's freeing! Then, go out into the world with love. Love in your heart. Love in all you do.

When Joyce Meyer says, "Don't waste your life being angry; instead, be difficult to offend and quick to forgive," that is a perfect antidote for pure freedom in your heart.

Are you easily offended? If so, ask yourself why. Get over yourself. You just aren't that important! Forgive others today. Stop drinking the poison, hoping the other person will die. You are only killing yourself!

The answer in all things is LOVE. JUST LOVE.

Credit: Power Thoughts Devotional, Joyce Meyer

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