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Growing Old Gracefully

Boy do I wish that I had the desire and enthusiasm years ago to grow old gracefully. Thankfully, almost five years ago I decided to take it seriously and start taking better care of myself. It started with sleeping more (I only slept 3-4 hours a night for about 25 years), and then progressed into eating healthier and exercising.

When I entered the gym each morning at Diamante this week, there would be people 20+ years older than me that made me look like a whimp. Literally, there was a petite woman who was at least 75 years old that could lift more than double what I could on the leg press. How is that possible? She is older and TINY! Ugh...

Then, yesterday, I am working out and look over and see the lady in the picture who was definitely over 70 doing weights, and yet again, more than I had been doing. I know I shouldn't compare, but man, what an eye-opener.

Inspiration. This picture made me think about how I have a choice. I can choose to grow old gracefully (and active) or I can choose not to. The choice is mine.

That’s the first thing I thought of when I saw this woman working out this morning. She is probably over 75 years old and was able to lift more than I could on the various machines. She is definitely on a path of growing old gracefully.

Then I think of the people in my life that inspire me…people that are active and living their best life. My stepfather is in his late 70's and still goes skiing! My dad will be 75 this year and golfs about every day. Then there is my friend's stepmother, who recently at the age of 76, decided that she wasn't going to end her life sitting in a chair. She began the HEALTHe journey with us, and went from sitting in a chair all day to walking on the treadmill and getting over 10,000 steps a day and has lost over 22 pounds. She inspires me to do better. If she can do it, so can I. I am only 54 and am super happy I have chosen this path, but the people around me that inspire me to grow old gracefully and actively need to be recognized. You may not know the people you are inspiring, but you are doing it!

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