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Integrity, Standing Upright

This morning, I asked for a word from the Lord to study, and the word that came to me was "Integrity." I then began to look for scripture that taught about integrity. One of the messages that I kept hearing as I read the different scriptures was that I needed to stand "upright" throughout my day.

Then as I was closing my book, I read just one more scripture around integrity and the verse just after that "one more" said "Do we accept only good from God and not trouble?" (Job 3:10) This caused me to ponder my integrity and how I act in all circumstances.

When trouble occurs, or better yet, when things are going really well, and I take on an attitude of entitlement, do I let go of my integrity? Do I represent everything I speak, or do I speak in ways differently than my actions? Do I "walk the talk," or am I all talk?

Having integrity in all things is hard. Take a minute and ponder the commitments you have made to yourself and others JUST TODAY and ask yourself if you REALLY live up to those words. Are there any broken promises? Do you speak with full and complete integrity?

I know for me, the answer is a HARD NO! Not that I am doing it intentionally, but I over commit, or speak before really thinking about it. A quick and easy one is, "I'll call you back in five minutes." Is that really five minutes? Did I ever really call them back? Was it more like 20 minutes? Did I set an expectation that I didn't fulfill?

Integrity. It's hard. Don't take it lightly. Others aren't. And, you shouldn't either.

For me, today, I am going to really ponder this. How can I stand UPRIGHT in everything I say and do?

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