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I saw this quote today at the top of my gratitude journal, prompting me to think deeper into this topic.

Credit: The Five Minute Journal

As the saying goes, "You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with."

That always makes me sit back and think, "Who have I surrounded myself with?"

In the past few years, I have elevated myself by putting myself near groups of people who desire what I want to achieve: helping others in any way I can. Looking back over the past three years and the new network of people I have come to know, I am more confident than ever that the quote is valid. You manifest their energy, hope, and desires, and more importantly, you begin to believe in yourself.

I am lucky enough to be part of a group called Platinum Elevated, which is a coaching group run by Chad Willardson, and already, in just a few short weeks, my mind and horizon for the future have been greatly expanded just by "putting myself in the room," as my friend John Maxwell says.

Sometimes, we must "put ourselves in the room" to meet people "bigger" than us. Today, reach out to someone who has what you want in life and ask them to lunch. You could even use John Maxwell's "Lunch Up" questions:

1. What is the greatest thing you have ever learned in life?

2. What are you learning now?

3. How has failure shaped your life?

4 . Who do you know that I should know?

5. What should I read?

6. What have you done that I should do?

7. How can I add value to you?

I would love to add value to you today by sending you a Five Minute Journal; it may be the inspiration you need! Please request one on my blog, and I will send you one for FREE! You will also help me hit my goal! Please read about it on my blog!

If you would like a copy of any of the devotionals or books I reference, please request one below, and I would be honored to send you one. Please reference the title of the post/devotional to ensure I send you the correct devotional/author. See my mission in the "About Me" link.

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