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Is Your Life Like a Slice of Pie?

I loved listening to Rick Warren in his Daily Hope podcast talk about integrity and how lack of integrity can make your life look like a bunch of pie slices. Well, that is the visual I had in my head anyway!

Integrity is also defined as authenticity. When you act the same way regardless of who you are around and what situation you are in. When you are not trying to be someone you're not. When you are the same in private as you are in public. That's a big ask. None of us are perfect in our integrity and authenticity. Yet, we can certainly improve, right?

When I think of my integrity, I have certainly made great strides in this. I still have a long way to go. Take the sections of this pie: career, church, family, social life, vacation, friends, sex life, and yes, your secret life. Those addictions, actions and behaviors that you do while no one else is watching. Do you behave the same no matter who is watching or if anyone is watching at all?

My goal is to live a life of integrity, of authenticity; for my life to be an open book. Live freely, without anything to hide. If I refused to gossip or listen to it, always did my best, even when no one is looking; kept my promises, even when there appears to be a better option; faithfully tithed, even if my income/investments aren't on the upswing; paid my bills, yes, including taxes; and most importantly, I always acted as myself, never faking it - then I would be living with integrity. Does that seem overwhelming? It is. But worth it.

As Rick says, we can't expect to be "sinless," but we can try to SIN LESS. What actions can you take today to make your life one large pie? Where you are seen the same way no matter how you are sliced. Where you aren't a bunch of different flavors (people), depending on who you are with or where you are. Wouldn't it be freeing to be an open book? To be seen as a person of integrity?

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