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Press On Through the “Impossibilities”

When I wake up each day, the day is full of opportunities to press on and do things that others feel are impossible. God gives us a chance for Him to "show-off" in our lives, in what He is doing through us, and for us.

But - we get stopped in our tracks. We don't push through the "impossibilities." Our worldly mindset takes over, and we conform to the ways of the world. We let go of our divine tasks and abilities because of what people may think and what we may have to sacrifice and surrender.

Do you sense God is calling you to do something "impossible" (By human standards)? What is it? What is stopping you?

I challenge you: Press on through the "impossibilities" and allow God to "show-off" in your life. Show the world what you can do through Him and for Him.

Credit: The Bible Study by Zach Windahl

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