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Today’s Choices are Tomorrow’s Headlines

I was listening to a podcast recently that said, "Today's choices are tomorrow's headlines." Isn't that true? Every choice we make today will show up tomorrow or sometime in the future. There is no avoiding it. Sometimes, it won't necessarily show up for everyone to see, but you will know and feel it.

When I read this devotion in Open Doors by Rick Warren today, it was another reminder that I am "one decision away from a new habit." That could be a good or a bad habit!

I decided about three and a half years ago to "grow old gracefully," to finish strong, and not be the one to cause my decay due to poor choices in eating and exercise. I am so glad I did. I feel like I can do anything. And I feel I am in better shape now than I have been since high school. But it isn't easy. It is about "letting go" of some old habits and starting new ones.

We are all only one decision away from making positive or negative change. What is the next decision you need to make?

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