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Training for Self Control

In Darren Hardy's "Darren Daily," he makes some points that really resonated with me. He states he was

"Born into disfunction, and possessing no real special skills, talents or intelligence and with only a full half semester of college to my credit," and goes on to say that the "accumulated, compound effect of these two things has produced the results of the life that I now lead." What are those two things? Studying and planning.

He studies and plans for 60 minutes a day and an extra hour on Sunday, his weekly planning day. He talks about the sacred hour that sets himself up for success.

Commitment. Ruthless commitment to create drastic change. Training your mind for self control. Do something over and over consistently day in and day out, you get change. It may be slow, but it WILL compound over time.

I have been very diligent the last three years at becoming a healthier version of myself, by creating a sacred space for me at the BEGINNING of each day. I have talked a lot about this over the past three years, and it is now a lifestyle, not a quick fix...a fad...something that comes and goes in my life. I am ruthless in my commitment to be healthier - mentally, physically, and most importantly, spiritually.

Today, I woke up to seeing the change that my consistency has made. Over the past three years, I have lost close to 70 pounds. That is really hard to even type out. How did I let myself get to that spot? And I still have over 30 to go! I slowly and consistently took off about 50 pounds by doing three things daily:

  1. Spending 60 minutes in the morning with God, getting my mind centered on HIM!

  2. Eating three meals a day - no sugar or white flour, nothing in between.

  3. Exercising 30 minutes or more each day.

I did them pretty much without fail, although never perfectly. In 2019, I decided to be healthier and fit within three years, and I have been consistent and true to that commitment.

But, I was stuck...and not losing any more weight. What had worked before, wasn't working now. I needed to fully surrender to the foods that I was holding onto, surrender to my bad habit of snoozing, and being true to myself. Living with integrity to myself.

I met an individual on my journey to Papua New Guinea that helped me look at my food and how I really needed to eat a cleaner, healthier way...and walk. Walk 12-15,000 steps a day.

I have now been on a journey of eating healthy, walking almost 400,000 steps a month, and my morning time (and snoozing) is getting so much better. I am ruthless in my pursuit of spending my sacred hour (which is actually three for me each morning) on myself each day. I promise you, I am a BETTER person TO YOU because I poured into myself first. I am training my mind for self control, slowly but surely.

I related very much to Darren Hardy in his podcast today. I have very little education, lived in a dysfunctional home as a child (although very loving), and with no special intelligence to speak of. But, I studied. I studied everything. I was a student of my business. I read anything I could. I cared and I valued people. Darren said that studies show the average multi-millionaire reads two books a month, which you can do by focusing on 30 minutes a day. Books of study, for growth and personal development, not a magazine or the news.

For me, I have always been a reader (shocking I know). That is how I grow -- consistently and fervently. The study of the Bible each morning has boosted my growth 10x in the past three years. I am so blessed to know and love Jesus and the teachings of the Bible.

Is there something you need to become ruthlessly committed to? I became ruthless in changing the quality and quantity of my food over the past 10 weeks. I didn't even realize the effect it was having until I looked at these pictures. I can't even imagine what the comparison would have looked like if I had the pictures when I was 70 pounds heavier instead of only 21.

Create drastic change in your life. Get ruthlessly committed. Confront the reality that your best isn't really that good. Take yourself to the next level. Deploy your mind to do the things that really matter. Be ruthless.

If you would like a copy of any of the devotionals or books I reference, please send me an email (button below) and I would be happy to send you one. Please reference the title of the post/devotional to ensure I send you the correct devotional/author. See my mission in the "About Me" link.

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