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When You Are Pushed Off a Cliff

You wake up in the morning. You have a plan. You are motivated and excited about what is ahead.

Then, God pushes you off a cliff. He sits you on your AS* - you are knocked down. You wonder what just happened. How did we get here. It wasn't your plan.

Have you ever found yourself laying at the bottom of a cliff wondering what to do next?

When you are going through dark times, often you don't realize that God is just pushing you to do something different, something bigger, something better. It is hard to see this in the dark, but I promise, if you trust, when you look back you will realize why -- why God pushed you off the cliff.

It's time to analyze your talents. Do you have talents that you haven't been using that God wants you to use? Have you found yourself sitting on the sidelines of life? Just going through each day without much purpose?

You have many talents, talents that others don't have. Today, I challenge you - especially, if you find yourself at the bottom of the cliff - to analyze, find, meditate on, the talents that God is challenging you to use.

Are you acting like a victim or a victor? Are you "failing forward" and "chasing failure" or are you still stunned without direction? Do something today - do something different. Get out of your house and serve. Serve others. Go to a homeless shelter and feed the hungry, give a little extra in your tithing. When you give what you don't have, God gives it back to you, tenfold.

Get back up. Find your new self. Look forward and BE OPEN to what God has planned for you. You got this. I promise. God promises.

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