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When You Aren’t Inspired.

The difference between winning and losing is such a small separator. It’s actually a game of inches, as Ed Mylett says.

The question is, “What do you do when you aren’t feeling inspired?” When you look at the people around you who have what you want, you assume they are just the "lucky" ones. That is one of the great lies in life. Generally, they aren’t lucky; they just do what other people don’t want to do. They DO IT ANYWAY. They DO IT NOW. They do the HARD THINGS FIRST - even when they aren't inspired!

Ed Mylett’s show provides some action steps around this, some of which I am only touching on. Ed’s main point is that consistency is key. It isn’t just going "all in" at once - it is about doing the little things others don’t want to do—and doing them every day.

Take a listen to this podcast. It WILL change your thinking. When you want something, you have to do the small things every single day. How do you start to make this change? Listen to this podcast. Yes, that’s twice I have said that. Listen to this podcast (Third time).

Your dreams are MUCH CLOSER than you think. As Ed says, “It’s ONE ACTION! Believe it or not, you are only ONE decision away from completely CHANGING your LIFE!”

Photo Credit: Nicole Harwood

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