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Rekindle the Passion

As I go throughout my day, talking with different friends and people that I coach/mentor, I realize that at the core of their unhappiness is a lack of passion. They are tired, bored, frustrated. They just don't have the passion in their life for what they are doing.

Living without passion is a dangerous place to be. I know. I was there. Actually, many times throughout my life.

As I read through the devotion by John Maxwell today in the Maxwell Daily Reader (I would love to send you one - see below), I enjoyed the overall message: The answer is PASSION.

"Nothing can take the place of passion in a leader's (anyone's) life."

When you think about this, TRULY think about this, are you passionate about life, your job, your marriage, your family? If your answer is no, I strongly recommend going through the 30-day Future Self course by Benjamin Hardy. It changed my life. It helped me identify AND stay focused on what I am passionate about. It took some soul searching, redefining and updating to get me there. I talked it through with my executive coach and my family and close friends many times to make sure, as I said it out loud, that is truly was MY passion and NOT that of what I thought others would want me to be doing. It wasn't easy, but it is well worth it.

Today...I jump out of bed with a passion and a vigor for leading a life of significance. I am excited about my journey that God has me on. I stay focused on the journey and let go of the 80% of the muck that keeps me stuck from following my passion of serving others.

If you decided to take the journey of doing the 30-Day Future Self course by Benjamin Hardy, email me and let me know. I have a gift I would like to send you that is a great complement to that program. THE PROGRAM IS FREE! There are NO EXCUSES not to do it!

Rekindle the passion inside of you - it is there, you just need to find it!

Credit: The Daily Reader by John Maxwell

If you would like a copy of any of the devotionals or books I reference, please send me an email (button below) and I would be happy to send you one. Please reference the title of the post/devotional to ensure I send you the correct devotional/author. See my mission in the "About Me" link.

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