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When You Just Don’t Understand

I feel like I may be delving into an area that seems to be a lot of controversy right now, but I truly don't understand.

First off, let me say, I am the LEAST political person, I don't follow politics, and I really don't watch the news or TV. I try to stay positive in everything I do, and I try to help anyone that I can regardless of their race, religious or political beliefs. I have seen politics tear friends and families apart, and truly, what's the point?

Before two weeks ago, I was totally ignorant to the way children are being abused for sex, organs, labor and more. I would say, sometimes ignorance is bliss, but not in this case.

When I saw the movie Sound of Freedom, I was so moved by what is happening in this world, and even more so that there are people like Tim Ballard that are willing to risk their lives to save these children. I have encouraged anyone that I know to go see this movie.

But, here is the baffling part. The media. The naysayers. So, lets just say some political group is behind the message (I don't know whether they are or not, and frankly don't care). Isn't the point of the story, like in every other story, to spread the tragedy that is happening? For me, I am sure there are parts in the movie that are exaggerated, but the basis of the story is true. The fact is, the UNITED STATES IS THE LARGEST CONSUMER OF CHILD SEX TRAFFICKING! That is the message. That is the change we need. If all this movie does is bring awareness to us so that we can protect innocent children, do we really care if there is a "political" group behind it? What I care about is the change that this movie and others like it represent. I don't care what side of the political fence you fall on or what religious belief you have. No one should be abused in that way, even adults for that matter.

Again, this is by far the most far-reaching blog posts I have made, because most of these feelings come from ignorance of the political views around me. This is what I do know - almost every religion, even the anti-religious, want love. We are called to love one another. Can we put away our political views and just LOVE? Can we just have sympathy for others? Can we look around, be aware, and find a way to protect our children/young adults that are being abused? Can we work to stop the DESIRE that people have to consume humans in this way?

We can be the change. Put down the political and religious fight and just LOVE one another!

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