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Why or What?

Why is this happening? Why, why, WHY???

Most of the time when something bad is happening in our lives, we first ask: WHY? Why is this happening to me (God)? How are you allowing this to happen!?!? What did I do to deserve this? Where did I go wrong? Do I deserve this? Why always me?

Is this you? Do you relate? Have you listened to people who are always searching for “why?” Maybe you are one of them.

As I was looking back over this reading by Sarah Young, it occurred to me how much I have grown in this area as I have become closer to God. Although I don’t remember a time in my life that I didn’t believe in God, it wasn’t until about six years ago that I really starting diving deep into my relationship with God. More importantly, learning to not ask ”why,” but “what!”

When I changed my perspective during a trying situation and started asking “WHAT” instead of “WHY,” it helped me to start “failing forward.” I learned to ask: ”what.” What am I supposed to be learning, what can I do differently, what can I do to change my situation, what can I do to help? Not who, but how.

My new peace is one of understanding that I need to trust and turn to God in times of turmoil, and look for solutions, not look to place blame (even on God). I can thank God for these times to learn, to grow, to find out “what,” as I develop my perseverance AND FAITH.

If you find yourself asking “why” today, turn that question around and take some time to ask/journal about “what.” What are you supposed to be learning, doing or changing because of/during this situation.

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