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Inspirational thoughts & devotions

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Let's go on a journey of personal growth, biblical teachings and leadership thoughts together, with God leading the way...


Hi, I'm Kelly!
I look forward to learning and growing with you each day.

My overall goal is to help create healthy, happy humans through sharing the Christian Wisdom and Servant Leadership principles as I discover them along the way.  I also have a very aggressive goal in life....

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Request a Book

If there is a book or devotional that you would like a copy of, I would be happy to send you one.  Please reference the blog title(s) or the name of the book(s) you are requesting in the form below and I will send you one FREE!. Thanks for supporting my mission of giving away 50,000 books/devotionals.  Read more about my mission herePlease note that I am no longer able to ship worldwide due to the expense.  If you are in the United States, Canada or Mexico, I can ship to those locations.   If you are in another country and would like to pay for the shipping, I would be happy to provide the book.

Thanks for allowing me to serve you and fulfill my mission!

Have Faith. Subscribe

My passion is spreading the word of Christ through Christian-inspired gifts and clothing.  Each item has been designed by me or someone that is part of Changing Lives Foundation.  I really wanted to create inspirational gifts, but didn't really want to make money off of the word of Christ.  That's when the up2Him brand was born.  Read more about how our clothing and gifts provide financial grants to those in catastrophic need.

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