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Opportunity Abounds

There is opportunity everywhere. But how do we know when it is right?

First, pay attention to all of the opportunity around you. When you hear of an opportunity, does it make your heart sing? Do you find that you are deeply moved and passionate about it?

If you hear of an opportunity that answers "yes" to those questions, the first thing you need to do is act on it. Walk through the door. Explore it. Ask questions about it, then MOVE. If you like what you hear, don't waste time thinking, plotting, making sure you have all of the answers. Just MOVE. Find your wings along the way. Figure it out along the way. Take ACTION.

Miracles don't happen if you sit outside the door - John Maxwell

Yesterday, my husband and I were blessed to be at a leadership round table with John Maxwell, and his entire teaching was on taking advantage of opportunities, but not EVERY opportunity. Some just aren't for you. Learning to know when to act, and then doing it is the wisdom you need.

Some of us spend so much time chasing every opportunity, we never become good at any of them. And, honestly, most of them weren't for us anyways. Knowing when to say yes, when to say no, and when to pause is key.

Most importantly, PAY ATTENTION to all of the opportunity around you, discerning and acting on what makes your heart sing and what you are passionate about. Don't wait, it doesn't need to be perfect. As I said in one of my previous blogs, "do it messy." You will figure it out along the way. You don't need every answer, just the desire. Walk inside the door.

Photo Credit: Kim Roberto

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