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Habits are Financial Capital

Habits can be like financial capital, and bad habits can be like financial ruin. The choices in which habits we master are our own. When I was listening to Minute with Maxwell today, John reminded us that it is "consistency that makes a champion."

"Habits are like financial capital -- forming one today is an investment that will automatically give out returns for years to come." - Shawn Achor

There aren't many champions out there that don't practice one or more daily habits that help them to become a champion in their field. John Maxwell, for instance, shared with me while we were chatting that one of his habits is to get up early each day and write. By doing his writing each and every day as a habit, FIRST THING, he is able to write many books each year, and do it before he has any outside distractions. I am positive that athletes also have some sort of exercise habit that helps them to become the best that they can be as well.

In the HEALTHe program that I became part of back in December, one of the first habits we work to create is walking 5,000 steps before breakfast. For the first month, this was a huge challenge for me. Now, it is part of my daily routine. One habit down, more to come. We are asked to choose ONE new habit every 42 days that we want to master. This way, at the end of one year, we have eight or more new HEALTHe habits. Think of the financial capital we will have built after one year that will pay dividends for years to come. I have several new habits just in the first five months of the year that I wouldn't dream possible even six months ago.

Do you want to have financial capital that will pay dividends for years to come? If so, what habit will you commit to TODAY to help you achieve your goal? Share that habit in the comment section below. For me...I am working to master the 'NO SNOOZING' concept. One of my greatest struggles. I know that when I rid myself of this bad habit, the benefits will be enormous!

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