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The “Inner-Hater” Lie

Have you ever fallen victim to the "inner-hater's lie?"

The lie that everyone is talking about you or your life? Or, the lie "If I just try harder, I can please everyone."

While listening to one of my favorite podcasts, "DarrenDaily on Demand," Darren spoke about inner-hater lies. It was so insightful. Everyone can relate to this podcast in some way.

Do you ever obsess about whether people are talking negatively about you? Face it; everyone faces disapproval and negative talk. Darren reminds us that when you recognize that the opinions others have of you shouldn't sway your life, you can continue to flourish, stay grounded in your values and actions, and reach for your dreams. Don't let your inner-hater deceive you into believing these others' opinions hold significant power over your life.

Then, there are the judgemental people around us. The judgemental people can surely light a fire to that "inner-hater" within us. Judgemental people often talk negatively about others to boost their opinion of themselves. They may create momentary distractions in our lives, but remember, their judgment is more about their insecurities than it is about you. Surround yourself with optimistic, growth-minded, and positive individuals. Stay away from those you find negative and judgemental.

How about this one: "I'm a bad person if I disappoint or offend those who love me." I always remind those around me that we have ONE person to please...God. We are not going to please everyone. We just have to do our best. Just be YOU! When you grow, transform, go on a different path, you will often disappoint, offend, and even leave behind those who aren't supportive of your path. Hopefully, they will love and support you on the way, but you can't change YOUR values and beliefs (assuming they are positive and with good intent) just because someone isn't happy with where you are headed.

You are worthy. Embrace your true self. Don't let your "inner-hater" stop you from doing what you are meant to do.

You have a gift; flourish like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly and fly away from that "inner-hater" within you.

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